Answers to frequently asked questions.

What is Zaption?

Zaption transforms video-based learning with interactive tools that engage learners, deepen understanding, and track progress. Teachers, trainers and instructional designers use Zaption to quickly add images, text, and questions to existing online videos.

Why is Zaption going away?

Please see our blog announcement on why Zaption is joining Workday.

When will Zaption services end?

The Zaption platform was shut down on September 30, 2016.

What will happen to my account and content?

You will still have access to your Zaption account and content until September 30th. After that time, any content which you have not saved to your computer using our export options will be deleted, unless Zaption is legally prohibited from doing so. If you want to delete your personal account before September 30, simply go to your account settings and click “Delete My Account.”

What will change on Zaption between now and September 30th?

Users will no longer be able to post lessons to the Zaption Gallery or purchase/renew paid subscriptions. However, all individual Pro subscriptions set to expire before September 30th will be extended at no additional charge until September 30, 2016 when the service is turned off.

How can I download my Zaption video lessons and analytics?

We have made it simple for you to export all your lesson responses, download PDF outlines for each lesson, and download a stand-alone version of each lesson for you to run on your own website. Look for the new buttons in your video lessons and analytics. Administrators who manage a school or organization community also have the ability to bulk download all video lessons and analytics for their Zaption community.

How do Zaption standalone lesson downloads work?

Standalone lessons are mini web pages that allow you to keep your lessons viewable (with full interactivity) after Zaption shuts down. After you download a standalone lesson, you need to rehost the entire folder on any web server (such as Bluehost, Dreamhost, or your host of choice) to present it to your students. Note that you can't just open the index.html file in your browser - it must be hosted on a web server to be usable. Also note that standalone lessons will not save any viewing data or question responses. For a full walkthrough on using standalone lessons, check out this Help Center article.

Will I get a refund for my Zaption Pro subscription?

Yes, Zaption will provide a prorated refund for any remaining time left on your subscription past September 30th. Look for more details in summer 2016.

Are there any other platforms like Zaption that you recommend?

For K12 users, we recommend you look at EDpuzzle or PlayPosit. Both allow you to quickly create interactive video lessons, and both have created simple migration tools to copy your content from Zaption. For Higher Ed, we encourage you to look at HapYak or H5P - an open source interactive media platform. Finally, Vizia offers another simple but effective option for users of any kind.

Whom can I contact with questions?

Please send any additional questions to contact@zaption.com.