Membership Plans

Free for everyone
  • Watch as many video lessons as you like
  • Find great educational videos from YouTube and Vimeo
  • Create your own video lessons using 6 interactive elements with a single video
  • Share lessons with your students and friends
  • Track viewer progress and responses with detailed analytics
  • Copy and edit ready-to-use video lessons from the Zaption Gallery
Pro Classroom
1 instructor to use in their classes*
  • Instructors get Basic features +
  • Add unlimited videos to a single lesson
  • 5 more interactive elements, including discussions
  • Advanced controls for viewing, sharing, organizing
  • Download and filter user data
  • Create student groups and track group progress
  • Upload minutes of video to the Zaption Cloud
  • LTI key to use Zaption with your LMS (Canvas, Blackboard, etc)
  • Start with a Basic account and upgrade at any time with a credit card.* Up to 5 of your own classes
Pro Campus
Starting at 995/year
15+ instructors and their students
  • Tools to manage campus users, roles & permissions
  • Pro accounts for all instructors and students
  • Centralized billing - PO's accepted
  • Priority email support to get quick answers
  • One virtual training workshop for staff
  • Video server integration & single sign-on options
  • Learn more about Pro Campus
  • School admins: schedule a virtual demo now!
  • Use Zaption's pricing tool to get an instant quote for your Campus license.