Students, teachers, and trainers from every inhabitable continent (sorry Antarctica) use Zaption to create high-quality, engaging video lessons. Explore a few of our favorites, then get your FREE account to make your own!
The Paper Bag Princess
Fiona Nowlin, Zaption
Elementary, Language Arts, Online Course
A storybook lesson developed from The Paper Bag Princess by Robert N. Munsch. Annotated for Grades 2-3 with an emphasis on critical thinking.
Gender Stereotypes in Katy Perry's "Roar"
Juliet Williams, UCLA
Higher Ed, Gender Studies, Blended Learning
Explore Katy Perry's "Roar" to examine how the popular media plays off gender stereotypes.
Let’s Rock
Jennifer Ower, Julian Charter School
Middle School, Science, Blended Learning
Uses visually stunning imagery to get students interested in studying geology while teaching basic concepts.
Graphing Rational Functions
Kathy Gordon, Concordia International School Shanghai
High School, Math, Flipped Classroom
A flipped classroom video lesson explaining how to graph rational functions.
The President’s Cabinet
Renee Bruner, Stanford Graduate Student
Middle School, Social Studies, Blended Learning
Using recent White House footage, understand what the President’s Cabinet is, how they collaborate, and the importance of their work.
This is My Place
Kathleen Cushman,
Training, Education, Online Course
A training module to help teachers establish better relationships with students to improve learning.
Meeting Our Monsters
Chris Walsh, Zaption
Training, Education, Publishing
Watch this sample lesson from the Teaching Channel and analyze how well she integrates the Common Core.
Nonverbal Communication
Erika Hodges, MSUglobal
Higher Ed, Communication, Blended Learning
Explore the importance of non-verbal communication to improve your work with colleagues.
Ashley Waterson, The Berkeley Hall School
Middle School, Social Science, Blended Learning
An inside look into Japanese internment camps and the experience of U.S. citizens forced to live in the camps during World War II.
Jason Loose, Thousand Oaks High School
High School, Math, Blended Learning
A primer on drawing segments and angles.